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We are emerging as the best blockchain technology specialist in the nation and abroad.

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Founded in 2021 JNC TechLabs is emerging as the best Blockchain technology service provider and advisor in India.

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We are emerging as the best blockchain technology specialist in the nation and abroad.


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What is Blockchain ?
Why it is going to be the future of everything we do?

Blockchain is rapidly taking over the IT and digital market and has become the talk of the town. Blockchain technology doesn’t use central servers or third-party providers, so there is no way for hackers to steal or tamper with data.It is a digital account and database, securely distributed across the validated network rather than being kept at a central location, and uses cryptography to secure the data. Any change to your database will have to be ratified by authorized network stakeholders, including you. This allows on-spot identification and termination of any suspicious activity.

Why Is This Technology Winning Global Confidence?



Database in the blockchain is distributed within the network nodes and is not centralized. Information of records and transactions is irreversible. Decentralization of blockchain technology can assist us with validated and authenticated connections, uncorrupted and unmutated data with permanent records.



The foundation of blockchain is its transparency. Any processed data or transaction into the network is given validation if it passed the consensus check within the server. Any suspicious activity is quickly terminated. Approved data is encrypted with the highest metric of encryption protocols to ensure security.



To steal or alter the data stored in the distributed ledger, control over at least 51% of the network is needed. This requires huge investment and force. Additionally, any activity requires permission from the existing participants. Thus, breaching the security of Blockchain technology is unattainable.