JNC Techlabs

Exploring the Future

The JNC Techlabs conglomerate is composed of three subsidiaries. Each JNC subsidiary is supported by a team of experts and innovative members. Each subsidiary constructively and constantly works on research and development and moulds itself according to the new trends of the market.

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Corporate Values

JNC Techlabs and its subsidiaries are value-driven companies. The core fundamental values of JNC Techlabs group underpin the growth of the company. The three core values of JNC Techlabs are as follows


JNC Techlabs, as a whole group and team works to achieve excellence in every aspect of the business through the actions and spirit.

Team Spirit

JNC Techlabs work as a team, where every individual proficiently works using deep consumer insights to find fast & innovative solutions.

Customer Value

The primary objective of JNC Techlabs is customer satisfaction. JNC Techlabs satisfies consumers with good quality and monetary services.

Our Ongoing Projects

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Zepverse is a parallel virtual world based on the concept of the Metaverse. Metaverse is one of the fastest-growing industries, moving towards becoming a trillion-dollar industry by 2030. Zepverse offers a range of services to its customers and fulfils everything from their entertainment to their earning demands.


The strong future potential of the cryptocurrency market brought Zepcoin into the crypto industry through the ICO project in October 2022. Zepcoin has launched as a penny cryptocurrency at an initial price of US $0.0001 apiece with a limited global supply of 325 billion Zepcoin tokens.

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Sanatanaverse is another concept of the Metaverse dedicated to Sanatana culture and practices. The idea of Sanatanaverse is designed for those people who are curious to know about the oldest living civilization in the world. The Sanataverse is easily accessible through smart accessories such as smartphones, computers, and VR headsets. Sanatanverse portrays a 3D simulation of famous temples and epics.

Why Is This Technology Winning Global Confidence?



Database in the blockchain is distributed within the network nodes and is not centralized. Information of records and transactions is irreversible. Decentralization of blockchain technology can assist us with validated and authenticated connections, uncorrupted and unmutated data with permanent records.



The foundation of blockchain is its transparency. Any processed data or transaction into the network is given validation if it passed the consensus check within the server. Any suspicious activity is quickly terminated. Approved data is encrypted with the highest metric of encryption protocols to ensure security.



To steal or alter the data stored in the distributed ledger, control over at least 51% of the network is needed. This requires huge investment and force. Additionally, any activity requires permission from the existing participants. Thus, breaching the security of Blockchain technology is unattainable.