Experience Hinduism in Virtual Reality

About - SanatanaVerse

Sanatanaverse is a mix-up of virtual and augmented reality that provides an in-hand realistic experience of spiritualism through virtual space that lets you enjoy religion in a whole new way. 

Here users can visit temples and explore their premises, walk through the gardens, and attend the pooja along with special events like Satsang, festivals and much more in a real-time experience without travel hassles & time constraints. 

The Sanatanverse offers a 360-degree view of the entire environment and gives a realistic experience to the users. Enjoyer has full control of their Sanatana Avatar as well as the environment around them. 

It is a multidisciplinary platform that has been developed to promote India’s rich culture and heritage in a unique virtual environment. It aims at bringing the devotees of Hinduism together around shared interests: ritualistic practices, art and architecture, and pilgrimage sites.

Centre of Attention


A Virtual Journey Into The Spiritual Dimension

Sanatanaverse is the World’s first 360° virtual temple tour platform. It is an exclusive virtual experience that allows visitors throughout the world to attend the ancient temples and rituals of Hinduism in a 3D environment by using Sanatana avatars.

Users will also have an experience of travelling from a selected destination to the temple. As an initiative towards promoting Indian tourism, the users can enjoy a virtual pre-visit to the temple and get a first-hand experience of its surroundings. 

Sanatanaverse is a virtual world that features spiritual destinations around the world. Viewers can experience a destination as they do in real life, without having to travel there or stop at any intermediate places while travelling. This virtual world is designed for spiritual travellers who want to experience their destinations around the world.

No worries about time constraints, weather conditions, and flight schedules. This is a different way of watching VR experiences than in a traditional video format, which often requires viewers to navigate and watch seated still for hours on end.

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Pilgrims Get Prasadam At Home

Virtual 3D shopping in Sanatanaverse will deliver a service that offers home delivery of Puja Prasada and Holy things like Holy water, clothes, jap mala and other things. It is a great way to build a more personalized experience for users. 

Sanatanaverse is giving small retail stores access to a world of opportunities. Small retailers can grow their business virtually in the real world, create a customer base all over the world, and reach a wider audience. 

It is not just about selling products, but also about providing customer and contact centre convenience. Virtual stores provide customers with an online store that looks and feels like a real store. They can browse through the products, check out the price and buy them instantly in the virtual world.

It can be used to reach customers who cannot visit their physical stores. Virtual shops are also useful for managing retailer inventory and customer databases since you can keep track of all your orders from anywhere in the world.


The Sanatana Gurukula

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The Sanatana Gurukula is a virtual learning environment that helps children in understanding the concept of holistic and basic education, culture and discipline in life. The idea behind this project is to help children learn through the use of innovative learning devices and technology.

The Gurukul system was one of the most famous educational systems practised in ancient times. It also contributes to Government Scheme ‘PM SHRI (PM ScHools for Rising India) Scheme’ with upgraded infrastructure, innovative pedagogy and technology.

In the world of Sanatana Gurukula, education is not limited by time and space. You are free to complete your course in any way that you see fit, at your own pace. This system is intended for all ages, but the younger generation is especially encouraged to participate.

The key to this system is that it’s all about you—you have ultimate control over how much of a challenge you want to take on, and how long it takes for you to get through it. At Sanatana Gurukula, Sanatanaverse believe in your ability to succeed!

Virtual World Of Hindu Mythology

Sanatanaverse is a virtual world where users get to interact with the different characters from Hindu Mythology like Ramayana, Bhagwad Geeta and more. These characters are animated in 3D. Users can enjoy their favourite stories in a new way through this technology.

Its technology enables youth and learners alike to view as well as interact with their peers and the 3D objects around them. 

Sanatanaverse will make it all the easier for specially-abled people to gain knowledge without having to compromise on anything. The technology also comes with the idea of immersive gamification enhancing the learning process.


Intuitive Interface & Experience

The Sanatanaverse is a decentralized virtual world where users can come together to experience the beauty of Indian culture.

It will be created as an extension of the real world and will be available for everyone to visit. The goal is to create a safe environment for all people who want to learn about Hinduism and its rich history.

The Sanatanaverse offers a unique blend of VR, 3D animation, and blockchain technology through artificial intelligence (AI) eases the user’s understanding of the Metaverse through feelings instead of facts or proof. This allows users to be immersed in a near-to-real sensation of spirituality without leaving home or going anywhere else for it. 

Conceptualized with special care for visually impaired and other physically challenged people with the help of advanced technology, it provides a true-to-life sensation of pilgrimage.

The Sanatanaverse offers a real-time experience of Mandir Darshan, Aarti, Satsangs and much more! In addition to these services, Sanatanaverse also provides home delivery services for various holy things like Prashad, Ganga Jal and commodities purchased.