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Zepcoin (ZEPX) is a digital currency designed to facilitate the crypto payment system. Zepcoin was initially launched to the public in October 2022 through an ICO. Zepcoin has been used to bring easiness and quickness to crypto-led transactions. Zepcoin follows the BEP20 token standard and operates in the Binance smart chain.
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Zepcoin is a penny cryptocurrency with a current price rate of US $0.0001 per Zepcoin. With the limited supply of coins, Zepcoin is accounting total market valuation of US $32.5 million as of November 2022. Along with all the facilities associated with cryptocurrency, Zepcoin plays a crucial role in the virtual world of Zepverse.

Different Characteristics of Zepcoin

Along with all the standard cryptocurrency services, Zepcoin contains various other features that make it a unique and reliable coin compared to others. A few beneficial characteristics of Zepcoin are as follows –
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Ticket to Zepverse

Zepcoin is the authorised currency of the Zepverse. Zepverse is the virtual world based on the concept of Metaverse. Zepverse brings augmented reality and virtual reality together in the virtual space of Metaverse with a 3D intuitive simulation of the virtual imaginary world. Metaverse has a high potential to rise, as the global Metavese market is estimated to reach ~1 trillion US Dollars by 2030.
Zepverse opens new grounds for the Metaverse enthusiast and offers various services stated below –

Besides offering enormous entertainment services, Zepverse has high-earning opportunities for the user to make money. Zepverse provides a range of earning services, such as Metaverse Real Estate services, event organising services, and various other services. These services allow users to earn Zepcoin tokens, and earned tokens can be easily liquidated into regional currency from any crypto exchange within a few minutes.

Limited Supply and Circulation of Cryptocurrency

The value of any product and service gets derived from the demand raised for the product or service. Demand for any product mainly depends on two factors, utility and availability of product. Zepcoin comes with great USPs, as Zepcoin is the sole authorised cryptocurrency of the Zepverse, which creates a high demand for the cryptocurrency itself.

The number of Zepcoin tokens is limited; currently, only 32.5 billion Zepcoin cryptocurrency tokens are in circulation, and 325 billion are in supply, which means Zepcoin cannot be created furthermore in terms of quantity. The limited availability of Zepcoin tokens increases the chances of a rise in the value of Zepcoin tokens in the future.
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Technical underpinning

Zepcoin as a new cryptocurrency gets strengthened and reinforced by its other fellow companies like JNC Techlabs. On a technical ground, JNC Techlabs secures the entire crypto payment system from foreign encroachment.

Zepcoin is a BEP20 token, that operates in the Binance smart chain. BEP20 token standard makes Zepcoin one of the most advanced cryptocurrencies with the fastest and securest transaction system with near to zero trading and transaction charges.

Highly skilled leadership and team support bring needful amendments time-to-time to turn the sentiment in favour of Zepcoin tokens. The skilled and experienced team has given a technical edge to the entire platform of Zepcoin.

The most advanced use of blockchain technology, robust market strategy, and certain amendments according to the short-term and long-term trends keeps Zepcoin’s crypto payment system secure and competitive.

Public utility

A decentralised crypto payment system, a secure and fastest global transaction system, and the entrance to the Metaverse industry increase the usability of Zepcoin tokens. The utility of Zepcoin tokens for people around the world is in many fields, for instance, a user can use Zepcoin tokens for investment, shopping, and cheaper and fastest cross-border transactions.

Many experts and institutions claim that Metaverse is the next generation of the internet, as the Metaverse industry is still in its infancy and flourishing to be the next big thing after crypto in recent years. Zepverse.io, a fellow subsidiary of Zepcoin, has already stepped into the flourishing industry of Metaverse. As the Zepverse industry grows, the usability of Zepcoin will also get increased extensively.