A fully decentralised Indian metaverse. The native currency, Zep Coin opens up the door to ultimate futuristic features with a realistic experience. Here, the only limit is one’s imagination.

Zepverse integrates virtual reality and augmented reality and offers a realistic sensation of being present in the parallel 3-dimensional virtual world. Zepverse has been conceptualised with an endless scope of virtual possibilities, advancing almost every sector of real life, along with futuristic features that have never been explored before.

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Bridging Virtual Reality with the Real-World

Zepverse has many features that link virtual reality with the real world. It does so by adding real-life use cases to its native currency through features like a decentralised payment gateway and virtual premium shopping where the users can use their virtual digital asset, Zep Coin to shop in virtual reality and get the shopped products delivered to real-world addresses for real use.

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Physically Disabled Friendly Interface

The interface of Zepverse is conceptualised in a way that makes it an easy-to-use and friendly platform for physically challenged people. It empowers physically challenged people in a way that no matter whether one may be deaf, blind or have difficulty in walking in real life but in Zepverse, they can get the realistic experience of hearing, seeing, walking and doing everything normally.  

Endless Scope

Zep coin is the magical key of the treasure of ultimate features. The magnificent scope of Zepverse ranges from entertainment, virtual shopping with home delivery, dream pets, metaverse real estate, NFTs of newer forms, decentralised banking & securities with good interest rates and adult zone with exceptional freedom to adult desires.

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Always Expanding Our Spectrum

The list doesn’t end here because we keep on evolving and adding newer dimensions to realistic experiences in virtual reality. 



Zepverse is a wonderland where you can turn your imagination into a real experience. Zep Coin can empower users to Zepverse to explore the endless scope of entertainment. 

The wide range of zep-tainment includes watching movies and concerts with a favourite star, playing games with a realistic sensation of presence and whatnot. Entertainment means freedom of choice for Zepians. 

Virtual gaming took the internet to storm. Zep-play is not only a source of entertainment but one can even generate an income by just playing their favourite games.

The gaming enthusiast who always wanted to design a game out of their creativity got Zepverse to experiment with their game-developing skills and even get potential investors. They can share their customised games with their friends or even play with strangers.

Zepverse is a world where extroverts can find new connections and even use their connections in the right way as we do on the LinkedIn platform.

Imagine enjoying and being present in a concert from the comforts of your home that is happening in another part of the world. Imagine watching your favourite movie with your favourite star in the ZVR (the movie zone of Zepverse), or listening to songs sitting beside your favourite singers. Don’t just imagine, experience all these features and even much more than this in Zepverse. 

The content creators can monetise their content and entertain their audience with entirely newer and more innovative content.

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Taking virtual shopping to another height, Zepverse introduces virtual premium shopping with a home delivery facility of essential to extraordinary things. Virtual premium shopping adds a real-life use case to Zep Coin.

Virtual premium shopping provides a wide spectrum of shopping experiences with realistic sensations where the users can touch, smell and even taste/try things before buying them. You can try dresses and footwear on your avatars unlimited times and even customise them. The perfect fit is something we all desire, Zep-shopping provides the ideal fitting service for that perfect look.

The list of items available in Zepverse is long and never-ending. You want it, you get it in Zepverse. From essential daily-use items such as vegetables, rice, and dairy products to gold jewellery, expensive cars, and branded shoes everything is available. 

The one thing you get only in Zepverse is the ability to turn your imagination into reality. You can design your products and even customise the pre-existing ones with your creativity and preferences. 

The Zep-shopping stands apart from some of the top virtual platforms in providing the home delivery facility of virtually shopped products.

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Zepverse takes no time to give real shape to your imagination. Conceptualised from the perspective of pro-pet lovers, Zepians are endowed with the magic to pet exotic/extinct pets or create pets out of their dreams. 

Zepverse takes no time to give real shape to your imagination. Conceptualised from the perspective of pro-pet lovers, Zepians are endowed with the magic to pet exotic/extinct pets or create pets out of their dreams.

Zepverse provides a new experience to pet lovers. Zepians can pet extinct animals like dinosaurs, or some exotic ones. The users can also create their pet out of their imagination be it a hybrid of human and lion.

Zepains can pamper their pet in a whole new way with branded and expensive products. The users can twin with pets by buying similar dresses. The customised band or chain can also be created with the name or a photo of its avatar on it.

Pampering pets got to newer meaning in Zepverse.


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We keep exploring the future! Evolving and expanding the scope of Zepverse, we will be adding more features such as Zep-Estate, Zep-Adult zone, Future NFTs, Zep-Securities and interest and much more soon.

Metaverse real estate or virtual land-owning is evolving every now and then. Zep-estate is a near-to-real land-owning experience where the Zepians can buy, sell, rent and even create on their lands. The virtual land can be used for concerts and events of various types. 

Adult fantasies need a Zep-Adult zone! Experience all your adult desires with freedom. From planning an extraordinary date for your love of life to finding love everything is possible in Zepverse

Adding endless possibilities to the popular digital asset, NFT; Zepverse enables its users to create NFTs of any art form: be it rap or regional arts.

Multiply your Zep Coin with Zep-Security and earn hefty interest on your staked Zep Coins. Pay with Zep Coin, a virtual digital asset in real life for real shopping.